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Anymod Apk for iOS: There is an endless option where you can get mods and hacks for your favourite apps. IOS platform has the largest app compatibility, and that is why there are lots of apps which comes first to iOS platform and then android. But when it comes to Mods it falls short of android community.

There are millions of apps and games for iOS which are just a download away from the internet. We have to careful about what we are downloading because apart from apple app store, any other third party websites can transfer the virus to your smartphone when you download a mod from their site.

Download AnyMod apk for iOS

Mod Games and Apps are a big advantage to the user since it provides you with the ultimate cheats and hacks. Most of these cheats and hacks provided by mod apps are the ability to unlock a feature or character of a particular game which otherwise you have to buy from real money. There are lots of other things you can avail of mod apps and games.

Benefits of using Mod apps and games

  1. Enhance your gaming experience, and the excitement gets to a new level.
  2. Mod app removes the ads and lets you use the pro features without even upgrading to pro version.
  3. Unlock the locked features and characters for games for free with iOS mods.
  4. Easy to use, no need to install any extra app to work with it.

Well, now that you know about the benefit of using the mod, you must be very eager to install mods for your favourite iOS games and apps Mods on your iOS device.

If you don’t know where you can mod for your favourite apps, then you don’t have to worry about since I’m going to tell about a great website and an app where you can get anymod apk for iOS.

Let’s talk about this great website for all the iOS users who are looking for mods for their favourite iOS apps and games.


iHackedit is a great website for Android and iOS mods. It has a huge library of apps which are modded. You can get almost any mod app for your iPhone. This website provides free mod apps. All the apps and games available on iHackedit can be downloaded as apk.

You can get the mods of amazing games like Pokemon Go, Subway surfers, the clash of clans, clash royale and mortal kombat etc. If you are an avid user of any of these games then trying out the mods will definitely enhance your gaming experience. This website provides not only android based apps, but you can also find iOS apps, cheats and PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox games.

The user experience is also great since you don’t get any extra pop-up windows where they ask for some survey to complete in order to download anymod apk for ios. Sure you will see some Ads here and there on this website but that is normal, and you should not have any complaint with it because those ads are the main source of income for the website owners. Also, the ads do not cover the main content.

AnyMod apk for ios

In the home page, you will see apps which are properly categorized as Android games and Android apps. But you have to navigate yourself to the iOS mods and apps section in order to download iOS mods.

If you click on any iOS games and cheats and you will see all the description of the mod app.

If we talk about compatibility, it depends on what mod you are downloading for your iOS device. But most of the mods will run easy on iOS 8 and above.

How to download Mods from ihackedit for iOS

  1. Using your Computer, go to this website [sociallocker id=”95″][/sociallocker] which is iHackedit.
  2. Now when you enter the website, let the phone load the website completely. You will see all the apps categorise as I’ve said before.
  3. Go to the menu section, and you will see three iOS section labelled as “iOS Games”, iOS Cheats and iOS apps. These options are also available on top of the home screen.
  4. Now simply install any mods that you want to download.
  5. Open iFunbox and connect your iOS device to your computer via USB cable. Download iFunbox:
  6. Select the mod that you have downloaded and move it to the iFunbox> Connected devices >Cydia app install.
  7. Now the mod will be available in your iPhone.

So that is how to install Mods from iHackedit.

Xmodgames for iOS

XModgames is a great app where you can get loads of popular game mods. This app is one of the best apps to download mods for your favourite apps.

The library of mods is not as large as iHackedit, but you can get the mods of games like clash of clans, boom beach, mortal kombat, eight-ball pool and clash royale for your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Xmodgames scans all the games on your smartphone and provides the mods for them. Just launch the app and select the mod that you want to use by tapping on “launch”.

An icon will hover on the side of your device screen which is the mod; you can use it to apply the mods on your android games.

Xmodgame does not need jailbreak IOS device to run.

Xmodgame is just 12 MB so that it won’t eat up your storage.

How to download and install Xmodgame for iOS (No Jailbreak)

  1. Enable unknown sources from settings.
  2. Download XModgame for iOS from this link
  3. After xmodgame will get downloaded, open it and directly install the app.
  4. Now Xmodgame will be installed on your android smartphone.

Xmodgame also provides extra features like screen recordings your phone. But the main purpose of this app is to provide mods, and it does not disappoint on that department.

Anymod Apk for iOS: Download mods at your own risk and I would suggest you to download mods for experimental purpose only, and you can go ahead with them if you really like them.

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